VHX is proud to announce the world premiere of Aziz Ansari’s new comedy special Dangerously Delicious, available exclusively at azizansari.com. Pay Aziz $5 and you can instantly stream the 60-minute special or download a DRM-free video file for offline enjoyment. No ads, no bleeps. Watch a free preview if you’d like.

We believe artists should be keeping more money from their work, and we’re excited to help push this new approach to film distribution forward — cut out the middlemen, focus on your fans, tap the real potential of the Internet — as pioneered by folks like Louis CK and Kickstarter.

VHX’s Emmy Award-winning expertise in video technology and online communities made it easy to say yes when Aziz approached us about building the site. We worked closely with him and his team to design something memorable but effective, and created a billing and video streaming platform from scratch that works hand-in-hand with our embeddable video player.

We’re excited to share more information about a new endeavor — VHX For Artists — which makes it easy for anyone to sell videos directly to their fans. Get in touch.

Our latest endeavor!

Hai, I'm Casey. I'm a creative technolgist.

I co-founded VHX.

I created Star Wars Uncut. In 2010 we won an Emmy.

In the past I helped make Boxee and Vimeo.

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