Today is my last day at Vimeo. Starting Monday I will be working at Boxee.

The past three years of my life have been some of the best, making these past two months a difficult time for me. I’m unbelievably proud of Vimeo and how far it has come. The amount of knowledge, friendships, and confidence I have gained is priceless. It seems like only yesterday when Jake, Zach, Andrew and I were making the Vimeo in a tiny room in Tribecca. Vimeo and its team has come a long way since then and is set on a road to success.

I couldn’t be more excited about Boxee. If you don’t know what Boxee is, watch this video. The chance to help bring another awesome idea to fruition is something I can not pass up. Boxee’s potential is bottomless and I absolutely believe that it can change the way we use our TV’s.

An extra special thanks to my friends and family for helping me through this difficult decision process. I’ll still be here in NYC and occasionally commuting to Tel Aviv.

I’ll truly miss working with my friends every day at Vimeo. It’s too bad we can’t be friends anymore.

Hai, I'm Casey. I'm a creative technolgist.

I co-founded VHX.

I created Star Wars Uncut. In 2010 we won an Emmy.

In the past I helped make Boxee and Vimeo.

me at caseypugh dot com

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